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Off The Top Rope Wrestling Merchandise was an online sports entertainment store specializing in the sale of professional wrestling videos, figures, replica title belts and more. The business operated from 1999-2002, during which time GX Media designed and maintained the company’s website. In addition to the e-commerce side of the business, OTTR also served as a video distribution center for several independent wrestling federations throughout the United States, including CZW, PWF, and PWA.

Off The Top Rope Website

Off The Top Rope Website

GX Media used a basic e-commerce model to set up the site, which included the use of Server Side Includes (SSI) syntax to allow the left and right sidebars to be easily updated with the latest specials and newest merchandise. The site also featured rotating banners and PayPal integration. Today, the site operates as an affiliate of Highspots. The final design of the OTTR website has been stored on GX Media’s servers for archival purposes. Click on the thumbnail to the right for larger view.

GX Media production credits: Web Design by Brian Greer.
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